Geger Beach, Nusa Dua Bali

Nusa Dua well known as 5 stars hotel industry and up markets restaurant and shops. But have you notice that there is private white sandy beach named Geger, and topless sunbathing very popular in here? and not just that, local villager in geger beach also cultivated seaweed and has become particular appeal. The local villager in here usually collect twice a day in every morning and afternoon. Geger Beach has clean yellow sand, decent clean water and small ripples rather than large waves. It is same for families with young kids and can be a pleasant change from Kuta/Legian/Semiyak Beach. The restaurant makes all the diffence and you can grab decent food and drinks while enjoying a sunny 

Geger Beach is located on the eastern side of the Bukit Peninsula. Geger Beach is ideal for families with young kids, as the beach is protected from waves and is comfortable. 
Sometimes the presence of tourists make them awkward, because they never feel so many eyes watch them, but then years after years they dont feel awkward again, and do the job as usual. And found something interesting that ladies as a seaweed farmer in her spare time usually give massage to the guest while wait for dry seaweed and have extra cash from it.

This seaweed plantation doesn’t disturb the tourists at all, and makes this beach more unique not like the other beach. Not only seaweed production, Geger beach also favorite for the new spouse, because calm ,quiet, and very romantic white sandy beach.

How you could go to Geger beach ? by motorcycle or car, driving from Kuta approximately about 30 minutes, Geger beach is near Nikko Bali, and it is an alley to pass. I recommend you to bring your own shades, towel, sunscreen, and your own book, it is difficult to find any shops in here. But don’t worry restaurant is available , the popular is Nusa Dua beach grill, friendly staff, western menu, and their special drink “arak madu”.
Geger Beach is good for people who don’t like surfing, or big waves. Families with young kids, who want a clean beach, with east access and a restaurant. This beach attracts a lot of Europeans and expats.