Overview about Tanjung Benoa, Bali

Tanjung Benoa is a fisherman village formed from the delta of white sand and flanked by the sea in both side. Before becoming the tourist destination, the life style of local residence at Tanjung Benoa are very simple where most of them are become fisherman who done their activities on the sea daily. Since 1980, this area began develop and change where the international class hotels have been built including restaurants so that gradually this place become famous among the tourists. The government of Bali Province has established Tanjung Benoa Beach as Marine Sport Center because it is blessed by the beautiful white sandy beach with calm seawater. The palm and tropical trees are able to create the shady atmosphere including the calm seawater those are ideally for swimming, relaxation and walking on the beach. Many tourist in particular family travelers come and stay at this area to fulfill their holidays in Bali.



Tanjung Benoa is geographically located in south part of Bali Island, just a step from Nusa Dua, an exclusive resort area in the island of god. Here, we can discover the beautiful Hindu temples like Dalem Tanjung Benoa Temple and Segara Temple. You can also find traditional market, Buddhist temple and across of this village we can see the Benoa Harbor. There are several turtle conservation managed by the local residence who taking care of turtle from baby turtle and at the end will be released to the sea.


Place of interest

-Fishing Village.

A sharp contrast to expensive and up-market Tanjung Benoa is the fishing village at the northern end of the peninsula. Here, from four until six in the morning, local fishermen sell their catch at Pasar Desa Pakraman (the village market) after fishing from the early evening until midnight. Prices are very cheap but there’s only enough catch to supply local kitchens. Before foreigners discovered the peninsula’s potential for water sports around 1975, everything in this village was strictly traditional. Since then, many of the fishermen have turned to the marine recreation business. However, you can still see conventional fishing boats side by side with more modern vessels at the harbour near the Segara gas station.


-Caow Eng Bio.

Klenteng Caow Eng Bio (or Caow Eng Bio Chinese Temple) is one among the oldest Chinese temples in the province. It is claimed to be more a place of Chinese traditions than Buddhist, though on the left side is a ‘Buddha room’ (Maha Cetya).

After removing their shoes visitors may step into the central pavilion but the room in the middle where each of the deities is represented is only for praying, and a sign clearly warns visitors on the ornate wooden door. It has a cooking area and a small room for the ‘god of kitchens’ on the right side of the compound, as well as another pavilion on the right side functioning as a public hall.

You will also see wooden plaques bearing several verses of wisdom in Chinese and Indonesian, as well as the names engraved in marble of the people who contributed in building Caow Eng Bio. Celebrations and religious events are held up to three days here, but the Chinese New Year and the Vesak are the busiest of all. Pieces of paper next to the donation box, believed to be a charm for both your house and wallet, are given away to all visitors.

Location: Take Jalan Segara Ening from the crossroads of Catus Pata. Follow the road until the end; the temple is on the right side

- Tanjung Benoa Beach

Here, unlike in most areas on the island, you won’t have a direct clear view of the beach from the road. The access from the coastline to Jalan Pratama is packed with commercial establishments: resorts, hotels, restaurants, and small plazas or markets. Just after the ‘Pos Pecalang’ in front of the Paul Smith shop, however, is a large open field that accesses the beach.

The sea is often busier than the beach itself as people tend not to sunbathe here, preferring water sports instead. With such calm water, swimming is delightful but the sheer amount of crafts at anchor and buzzing around makes things a little crowded.


Shopping spot

-Art Markets of Tanjung Benoa

After an exhilarating day at Tanjung Benoa Beach, shopping for souvenirs of your Bali holiday is not a bad idea. Along the main road Pratama, you will see quite a few shops clustered together selling same merchandise of sarongs, Bali T-shirts, bags and other handicrafts. Before entering the fishing village, you will see a small collection of more traditional stalls offering handmade clothing, bags, and sandals.

The biggest art market here lies just before you leave this resort area. Pasar Seni (art market) Mertha Segara Samuh features a wide variety of handiwork and artworks, ranging from hand-woven table place mats to Bali’s famous Bintang T-shirts. Like in any other art markets on the island, prices are never posted and bargaining power is important. But don’t worry, you won’t find any hard sell here nor will you have any intense argument haggling over prices as the art market is not often crowded and, as known, Tanjung Benoa people are very welcoming and helpful.

- Blue Surf

Blue Surf carries a wide selection of products suitable for your day out at the beach and in the sea. The shop only sells international brand-labeled wetsuits, board shorts, swimsuits, sunglasses, bags, footwear and other accessories. However, you won’t find any surfing boards or diving equipment here. It mostly retails Reef, Rip Curl, West and Oakley.

Location: Jalan Pratama 

- Bu-Bu Art Shop

For visitors who prefer their selected items labeled and packaged, Bu-Bu Art Shop is the perfect solution. Shopping for a wide range of Balinese souvenirs can be done comfortably here; but the comfort doesn’t come cheap and prices are relatively higher than those at traditional art markets. From key chains to bottle openers, you’ll find plenty of souvenirs of your Bali holidays.

Location: Opposite the Bumbu Bali

- Harmony Home

Harmony Home caters for newlyweds by selling decorative and useable goods for new homes. The shop itself is owned by an Australian wedding coordinator company. Here, you will find gorgeous handmade pillowcases, kitchen utensils, store boxes, and many other excellent quality items.

Location: Next to The Tree Restaurant, Jalan Pratama 

- Padi Bali Handicraft

Although located off the main road, Padi Bali Handicraft surprisingly sells a variety of beautiful and unusual handiwork not found elsewhere on Jalan Pratama. Apart from the paintings most products here are made of wood. It is actually a branch of a family business in Ubud, the island’s cultural capital, and everything sold here is made there. You will find price labels in American dollars, but bargaining is never impossible.

Location: Jalan Pratama 89, Setra Ganda Mayu (the small road opposite Bu-Bu Art Shop) 

- Paul Smith

Like every other Paul Smith shop in Bali, the one in Tanjung Benoa is very noticeable with the familiar stripes and colours. This small outlet offers a large selection of universal clothing, bags, wallets, belts and other accessories. However, you might want to do a further check on each item you choose as prices are suspiciously cheap and the goods are reportedly made in China.

Location: Jalan Pratama, before Pos Pecalang 

- Ruko Pratama 234x

‘Ruko’ means a cluster of shops and this one consists of five outlets offering silver jewellery, clothing and apparel, as well as a spa service. You will find clones of Abercrombie, Dolce & Gabanna, Guess, Gucci, Burberry and many more in these clothing stores; but some of their price tags may be shockingly expensive for copies. In their defense, the quality of the products is the closest to the genuine ones compared to other pirated goods. The Silver jewellery merchandise is, however, authentic.

Location: Jalan Pratama 234 x

- Leather & Textile Shops

Tanjung Benoa shopping has also been escalated by the number of textile and leather shops peppered along the main road Pratama. Try visiting one of them, you will find custom-made clothing, bags and footwear, which are made of textile as well as leather. Bargaining is welcome and the genuine quality at moderately cheap prices might surprise you.

Location: Jalan Pratama